2018 Calvino Prize Winners

2018 Calvino Prize Winner:

Amy Parker, “Pica Ceremony (for feeding the hungry ghosts)”

Amy Parker is a fiction writer with an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Her first book, a collection of linked short Amy Parkerstories (Beasts and Children, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2016) was described by Kirkus Reviews as “riveting” and by Booklist as “An electrifying, daring, and magical debut collection.” Her work has appeared in Narrative, Five Chapters, At Length, Los Angeles Review Print Quarterly, and elsewhere. She is the recipient of a James Michener Fellowship in fiction and a Meta-Rosenberg fellowship in fiction, as well as grants from the Ucross Foundation, the Clarion Foundation, the Marble House Foundation, and the Sustainable Arts Foundation/Vermont Studio Center. She is a lecturer at the University of Iowa’s Center for Writing, and she lives in Iowa City.


Gania Barlow, “The Stories of Yonec’s Mother”


Samuel Barber, "A Thoroughly Conventional Visitor’s Guide Which no Self-Respecting Citizen of Our City Need Read”
Jake Buckholz, “Selections from the Whole Vile Lot"
Chris Kammerud, “Some Things About Love, Magic, and Trains”
John Kemmick, “The Great Growing”
Joseph Moore, “The Spire”
Kristin Posehn, “Boy with Frog”
Alanna Schubach, “Iris”
Katie Jean Shinkle, “As Close to Smiling as You Can Get”
Clare Tascio, “Other People”
Dan Tremaglio, “H-1B EXPERT OPINION LETTR #0718”
Dan Tremaglio, “A Presentation of the Top-five Biggest Objects in the Universe on the Eve of the Kronia"