2011 Calvino Prize

2011 Calvino Prize Winners and Finalists



Katie Jean Shinkle, "The Show Must Go On"


A. N. Devers, "The Unraveling"


Jacob M. Appel, "Prisoners of the Multiverse"

Suzanne Burns, "Ghost Wife"

Michelle Regalado Deatrick, "The Second Coming of the STASSIS Goat"

Robert Epstein, "Monarch of the Vine"

Sarah Gerkensmeyer, "Monster Drinks Chocolate Milk and Other Tales"

William Lychack, "The Old Woman and Her Theif"

S.E. Muir, "Our Invisible Beasts: Tales of the Animals that Go Unseen Among Us"

Megan Roth, "Elizabeth"

Matt Runkle, "A Fable in Service of Hastening the End of All Borders"

Danilo John Thomas, "Italo's Dreams' Pianos"

Michael Allen Zell, "What Do You Say to a Shadow"