Declaring an English Major

To become an English major, you will need to file an application for the major with the College of Arts & Sciences (A&S). Students can apply on-line. Once A&S approves the major application, your records will be sent to the English Department and we will establish a file for you. We will contact you by email to notify you of your acceptance into the major and to request that you make an initial advising appointment. To schedule an appointment, contact Sherry McCroskey, Administrative Assistant for Undergraduate Studies in English, at (502) 852-0506 or by email.

Advising Procedures for English Majors

In an effort to improve the Major and respond to student concerns, the English Department changed the advising procedures for all English majors during the 2009-2010 Academic Year. These changes were designed to make the advising relationship more productive, continuous, and expeditious for English majors. All advising for approved majors is now handled by the two designated Undergraduate English Department advisors.

To request an advising appointment, please send an e-mail to

English Department Advisors


Mandatory Advising Period

Most importantly, the English Undergraduate Program is implementing a Mandatory Advising Period each Academic Year. An “Advising Hold” will be placed on all approved English major student accounts for Fall registrations. The hold will be lifted when the English major discusses his/her registration plan for the Fall semester with a Department advisor. (The "Advising Hold" applies only to registrations for Fall semester classes.)

The “Advising Hold” is meant to ensure good communication between advisors and majors, not to be yet another obstacle in registering for classes. To keep it from becoming a burden, the English Undergraduate Program encourages majors to handle their consultations about Fall Registration via e-mail. You need only to send an e-mail message to your advisor with a detailed plan of the classes you intend to take in the Fall semester. Your advisor is also more than happy to meet with you face-to-face to discuss any academic questions you might have.

Please plan ahead and make arrangements to either e-mail or meet with your advisor well before the priority registration period. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact the Administrative Assistant for English. If you have any questions about the advising procedures, feel free to contact either of the two advisors, or the Undergraduate Administrative Assistant.

Graduate Program

All advising related to the Graduate program is done by the Graduate Program Director, Dr. Frank Kelderman. Email: Dr. Frank Kelderman.  Advising appointments can be made with the Administrative Assistant for Graduate Studies in English, Lisa Cox, at (502) 852-0505.