English BA to MBA

We are excited to announce a new partnership between the Department of English and the College of Business to produce one of the first accelerated English BA to MBA programs in the country. Beginning in Spring 2023, English majors can enroll in a designated track that will grant them priority admission* to the UofL Master of Business Administration program upon graduation. An English degree is a versatile and valuable asset for a career in business. This new collaboration will provide students with opportunities to develop their communication skills, analytical thinking, research skills, cultural awareness, and creativity, while gaining a deeper understanding of business concepts and practices. We look forward to creating a more connected and innovative learning community.

*Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA required for MBA admission



Dr. Sarah Strickley, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Email: sarah.strickley@louisville.edu

Robin Mozer, English Advisor
Email: robin.mozer@louisville.edu

Graduate Programs Office, UofL College of Business

Email: MBA@louisville.edu
Phone: 502.852.7257


Major: ENGL
Degree: BA to MBA
Unit: Arts and Sciences

English BA to MBA Track Requirements

 In addition to the English Major Core Requirements, participating students will take:

  • 3 credit hours - one of the following:
    • ENGL 404 Miracle Monocle: Editing, Publishing, and Promoting a Literary Journal
    • One 400-level literatures in English elective or one ,
      500-level literatures in English elective
  • 3 credit hours:
    • ENGL 306 Special Topics: Business Writing - WR
  • 6 credit hours - two of the following:
    • ENGL 303 Special Topics: Scientific and Technical Writing - WR
    • ENGL 309 Special Topics: Inquiries in Writing - WR
    • ENGL 405 Editing, Publishing, and Document Design
    • ENGL 407 Special Topics: Writing for Social Change - WR
    • ENGL 480 Digital and Visual Composition
    • ENGL 505 Advanced Technical Writing
  • 3 credit hours:
    • ENGL 599 Special Topics: Texts and Technologies CUE - WR
  • 3 credit hours:
    • ENGL 555 Cooperative Internship in English Studies
  • 6 credit hours (within the College of Business):
    • MGMT 315 Collaboration and Negotiation
    • BUS 301 Business Communication


Submit an application for the UofL MBA during your senior year.


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