English Honors Program

Designed to provide special enrichment opportunities for superior students, the English Honors Program comprises a series of courses that fits within the normal course-load limits. The program consists of two honors seminars (English 401 and 402) and an independent study course (English 501) that culminates in an honors thesis. All Honors courses meet WR (writing intensive) requirements and count towards the major.

The independent study course, covering a topic of the student's choice, is completed under the direction of an English faculty member. The resultant thesis may be submitted for university and departmental honors. The student who completes the two seminars and successfully defends the thesis receives an English Honors Certificate.

Honors Seminars 

Honors seminars are open to honors students only and are designed specifically for them. The seminar format allows students to investigate topics in-depth and to discuss their findings with highly motivated colleagues.

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An English major who has accumulated sixty credit hours with 3.5 English and 3.0 overall averages, completed one course in the series 301,302, 413, 414, 415, 416, 417 and obtained a recommendation from a faculty member may apply for admission to the program.

English Honors Application

Honors Thesis Form

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Contact Information

Director: Dr. Joseph Turner


Department of English

315  Bingham Humanities Building

University of Louisville

Louisville, Kentucky 40292

Main Office: (502) 852-6801

University Honors Program

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