2019 Calvino Prize Winners

Information about the creative writing contests in the Creative Writing program


2019 Calvino Prize Winner:

Margie Sarsfield, “Behavioral Sink”

Margie Sarsfield is a writer living in Columbus, Ohio. Her work has previously appeared or is forthcoming in The Normal School, Smokelong, Seneca Review, Quarter After Eight and elsewhere. Find her on Twitter at @nightchemicals and online at margiesarsfield.com.


Robert Shuster, “Technical Difficulties”

Suzanne Burns, “The Keeper of Waldeinsamkelt


Jen Fawkes, “Call Me Dixon”

Emily Temple, “Better Homes”

David Weiss, “Cry Baby – Part One”

Gary Powell, “In a Remote Cabin”

Denise Robbins, “Invisible Animalia”

Hillery Hugg, “Sestina”

Kaushika Suresh, “The Void”

Miriam Toews, “Women Talking”