Internship Program

The English department’s Internship Program is designed to grant students college credit for apprentice work in a field that has clear connections with their English major. To be eligible for a departmental internship, you must:

  • be a declared English major
  • have accumulated at least 60 hours
  • have a GPA of 3.0 or better

Work in technical writing, business writing, publishing, grant writing, editing, public relations, marketing, broadcasting, law, museum and library archives and acquisitions--to name some possibilities--can provide experience reflecting the goals of the English department’s undergraduate internship program. As long as the internship work engages the transferable skills of an English major, what the work is and where one does the work is flexible.

Earning U of L Credit

Internship credit on your transcript can be a very useful credential. To earn U of L credit for an internship, you will need to take English 450 or English 555-CUE concurrently. In addition to the work that you do for the internship, you will have to complete academic work documenting and reflecting on it. Students in the program gain three credit hours for doing an internship, which requires at least 40 hours of work on site during the semester (approx. 4 hrs/wk).

The course requirements also include ten reflective weekly logs, a final research paper, and a portfolio representative of the kinds of work done as an intern, as well as a written evaluation from the site supervisor. With English 450 and 555, the process is very much like taking an independent study course, with collaboration, in this case, between student intern, site supervisor, and faculty coordinator.

English 450 is for majors who have completed 60 hours in their degree program. English 555-CUE is for those who have completed 90 hours. To enroll in English 450 or 555, you must receive the internship coordinator’s written endorsement. She will be the official course instructor who confers your grade. 


If you have an internship site in mind, contact the program coordinator to determine if your position complies with program guidelines. The internship should not simply be a job you are already doing for which you decide to gain college credit. Usually, our preference is that the business be off-campus (although there are some exceptions).

The English department maintains a bulletin board with information about internship opportunities, across from room 320 in the Bingham Humanities Building. From time to time, the department receives queries from businesses, government agencies, media outlets, non-profits, and other organizations seeking interns, and these opportunities will be publicized on the English Major Distribution List. Sometimes students can work with a company or organization to define a need that an internship can fill.


Should you have questions about the program, please contact Robin Mozer at .

Internship Forms

Once an internship has been approved for course credit, students must complete and submit the following forms:

UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT INTERN AGREEMENT (To be completed and submitted by the student prior to the internship.)

MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (To be completed by the Onsite Supervisor and student prior to the internship.)

WORK AGREEMENT (To be completed by the Faculty Supervisor, Onsite Supervisor and student prior to the start of the internship.)