2006 Calvino Prize

Second Annual Calvino Prize was awarded to
Nina Shope of Denver, Colorado

2006 Finalists

First Place: In Urbem by Nina Shope

Second Place: Chestnut Season: Stories by Margaret M. Luongo

The Birthday Rooms by William Alexander

Dinner with a Matador by Charles Antin

Travelers' Lounge on the Red Eye by John Domini

A small book of new animals by Seth Ellis

Chapter Five: May
(excerpt from 365 Stories for the Education of Children, With Additional Stories for Special Occasions, and Morals Applicable for All Occasions) by Ivan Faute

Vader, ..., Oreu by Thomas Gough

Miss Tar Baby, Dark and Lovely and Such (as Told to Mr. J.C. Harris) by Honoree Fanonne Jeffers

The Blue Planet by Rachel Kadish

Open Me: Novel by Sunshine O'Donnell

Interstitial Touring Guide (an excerpt) by Jay Orff

The Great Amphibian by Michelle Richmond

Boom! by Kimberly Jean Smith

Providence by Jessica Treadway