2014 Calvino Prize Winners

2014 Calvino Prize Winners and Finalists


Micah Dean Hicks, “Flight of the Crow Boys”

“The nimble innovative spirit of Italo Calvino is felt in all eleven of these very fine short-listed stories, but in none more so than ‘Flight of the Crow Boys.’ It has that lightness, quickness, exactitude, visibility—Calvino’s own terms—that the master himself would have admired. Ovid, too, would have liked this one.”      --Robert Coover


Alisa Alering, “The Night Farmers’ Museum”

David James Poissant, “Minotaur”

Jill Birdsall, “Dandelions”

Hubert Vigilla, “Here Be Dragons”

Emily Temple, “My Past and Future Selves Eat Pasta”

Bree Barton, “Sexing the Starling”

Aline Zybum, “The Vending Machine”

Judith Edelman, “The Parchment Is Burning, but the Letters Soar Freely”

Andrea Witzke Slot, “Where Our Hands Rest in the Night”

Caroline Belle Stewart, “Widow”