2013 Calvino Prize Winners

2013 Calvino Prize Winners and Finalists

Geetha Iyer, "The Mongerji Letters"

“The great writer (Calvino) would certainly have recognized, and been delighted by, this story's imaginative reach, both playful and serious; its subtle grounding in the realities of social and personal life, even as it delivers the reader into dazzling realms of possibility. It is, at last, a hymn to the imagination, and a tremor of apprehension at the worldly forces that threaten to overwhelm and destroy it.”      --Tobias Wolff


Mark Polanzak, "A Proper Hunger"


Jacob Appel, "The Consummate Marauder"

Lena Bertone, "What Happened to Ettore Majorana?"

Suzanne Burns, "Siblings"

Tara Cowie, "Hair-Shirt"

Amanda Davidson, "Apprenticeship"

Bryan Hurt, "The Sadness of Tycho Brahe's Moose"

Mark Mayer, "The Genie of Terrace Hills"

Charlotte Porter, "Agnes Person"

Sofia Samatar, "Monster Portraits"

Jacqueline Vogtman, "The World Where She Would Not Die"