Trends and Techniques in Internal Affairs

40 Hour Training Course / 4.0 CEUs / KLEC Approved
$695.00 If paid by cash/check / $725.00 If paid by Visa/MC/Discover

Course Description:

This course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the role and function of the internal investigative process. This course includes pro-active and passive methodologies that insure a high degree of organizational and personal integrity. Participants are introduced to administrative and criminal investigative processes through video, lectures, and case studies. A team of seasoned instructors presents management of the investigative process, techniques of investigation, and relevant case law. Each Internal Affairs instructor has a specialized body of knowledge to share with the participants. Integrity assurance assumes many forms in law enforcement agencies. Staff inspection, sound policy, and the proper selection of personnel represent only a few of these areas. The course has been designed not only to address internal investigation, but also to present material that focuses on identifying the cause of a problem. Agencies will use the skills and knowledge acquired in this course to implement future policy development, personnel selection practices, and training procedures.

Course Topics and Areas of Study:

  • Value-Based Leadership & the Role of Internal Affairs
  • Basic Investigative Steps
  • Consistency in the conducting of an internal investigation
  • Criminal vs. Administrative Investigations
  • Due Process Rights
  • Discrimination/Sexual Harassment Investigations
  • Work Place Searches
  • Supervisory Liability
  • Case Scenarios

    Who Should Attend:


    Senior operations and administrative managers, supervisors, and investigators charged with responsibilities associated with the investigation of internal administrative and criminal investigations should attend the course. The course assumes that the participants are trained and understand the investigative process.


    Rudy J. Gonzalez

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    What Our Graduates Are Saying:

    "(The instructor) provided good info on psychology of officers and relation to Internal Affairs investigations."

    "The course was very beneficial to me, a new member of the department's Internal Affairs...Many issues were raised that helped me gain a better perspective for the job."

    "Great course. It is always a good thing to have the opportunity to exchange ideas, info and practices with other police agencies."

    "Yes, the course was very worthwhile and enjoyable. The topics were in-line with my day to day activities as an IA investigator. Great information to take back to my department and improve the internal complaint process. I enjoyed the instructional methods."

    "The course was very helpful. The techniques and procedures identified will greatly improve my abilities as an IA investigator."

    "This is a good course and I learned a lot from it that I needed.  It took away my misconceptions about internal investigations."

    "Course is valuable and should be offered more often to supervisors and managers....  This provides insight on a process that is necessary to our agency and profession."

    "This course was well worth the time.  Experienced instructors provided resources including current policies and models of the trends across the nation.  Will help my department and myself moving forward in the future."

    "Solid comprehensive IA course."

    "Very worthwhile course.  Helped me understand why our agency currently conducts IAs the way we do."

    "The course was very informative and worthwhile for understanding and improving internal investigative skills."