The Dorothy P. Clore Scholarship

The following criteria shall be established and strictly adhered to:

  1. The scholarship shall be known as “The Dorothy P. Clore Scholarship” and awarded once annually for the current tuition amount only of the Administrative Officer’s Course (AOC), Southern Police Institute, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky 40292.
  2. The applicant/recipient must be a full-time duly sworn and certified law enforcement officer. Applicant must have completed a minimum of five (5) continuous years as a full-time duly sworn and certified law enforcement officer and must agree, by acceptance of the scholarship, to remain in current or a like- position for a period of not less than three (3) years after applicant’s completion of the AOC. Applicant/recipient agrees, by acceptance, to reimburse the full amount of the tuition should the course not be successfully completed or any of the aforementioned terms not be complied with.
  3. Applicant/recipient agrees by acceptance that should any part of Item #2 not be complied with in full, the total amount of funds received will be immediately reimbursed to the treasury of the Scholarship Fund.
  4. Applicant/recipient must be certified on departmental letterhead by Department Head as a first-line supervisor, or above, within said organizational structure. Department Head must also certify that applicant/recipient had educational qualifications and abilities and administrative aptitude to successfully complete the extensive and demanding course of instruction.
  5. Applicant/recipient must make application to “The Dorothy P. Clore Scholarship,” Southern Police Institute Alumni Auxiliary no later than March 1. Scholarships will be awarded April for the fall course, which normally commences in August.
  6. Application must be from the applicant and endorsed under separate cover, on departmental letterhead, by the Chief Administrator of applicant’s organization, and must demonstrate a fiscal need for the scholarship funds.
  7. Amount of scholarship funds will be assigned based on available funds in the scholarship, not to exceed the current tuition fee, as agreed upon by the Membership of the Auxiliary at the Annual Conference one year prior to the commencement of the AOC and limited to one (1) student per year.
  8. Applicant/recipient will not be eligible if he/she is receiving any other grant monies or funds from his/her or any other agency which are to be applied toward tuition.
  9. Applicant/recipient must be fully qualified in accordance with the requirements of the Southern Police Institute and the University of Louisville.
  10. Scholarship is non-transferable and subject to cancellation by the Administrative Board of the Dorothy P. Clore Scholarship should applicant’s status change to conflict with these requirements.

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