Policies - Procedures - Informational

Below is a listing of Procurement Services Policies and Procedures.  Each Policy and Procedure can be accessed and viewed in the Policy and Procedure Library.  They are listed alphabetically under the Finance section.


  1.00:  Procurement and Contract Authority 
  2.00:  Ethics in Purchasing
  3.00:  Purchase By Competitive Sealed Bidding 
  4.00:  Purchase By Competitive Negotiation 
  5.00:  Non-Competitive Negotiation/Single Source 
  6.00:  Emergency Purchases 
  7.00:  Purchase of Office Supplies  
  8.00:  Purchases from Stockroom 
  9.00:  Purchases from Employees 
10.00:  Recycled Material Content 
11.00:  Personal Services Contracts 
13.00:  Eligibility to Participate in Governmental Programs 
14.00:  Disposal of Surplus Personal Property 
16.00:  Reciprocal Preference for Proposals/Bids 
17.00:  Supplier Code of Conduct 
18.00:  Vehicle Purchase 
20.00:  Green Purchasing 
21.00:  Small, Minority and Women-Owned Business 
22.00:  Contracts 
23.00:  Procurement Card Program 
25.00:  Bid Protest 
26.00:  Kentucky Sales and Use Tax Exemption on Purchases 
27.00:  Receipt of Purchase Orders 
28.00:  Recording Returns of Duplicate, Incorrect, or Defective Goods 
29.00:  Damaged Goods in Transit 
30.00:  Contract Advice of Change 
31.00:  Trade-In Purchases 
32.00:  Long-Term Lease Equipment 
33.00:  Ordering Radioactive Material
34.00:  Procurement and Record Keeping of Tax-Free Alcohol 
35.00:  Purchase of Pre-Owned & Reconditioned Equipment and Products 
36.00:  Vehicle Rental 
39.00:  Retaining funds from Sale of Surplus Property Items 
40.00:  Printing Contracts 
41.00:  Cellular/Mobile Device and Service Plan Policy
42.00:  Printers, Copiers, and Printing Services


19.00:  Campus Sponsorship 
37.00:  Purchases from Correctional Industries 
38.00:  Moving Expense 
43.00:  Purchases Requiring Three Quotes


Duties and Responsibilities 
Guidelines for the purchase and use of personal space heaters 
Violation of Purchasing Policy and Unauthorized Acts