Procurement Services Forms

Application for Master Lease

Authorization for Move Form (Employee and Office/Lab Move) - *New form effective 3/1/2023

Authorization to Trade University Equipment or Vehicle 

Bidder's List Application Form (to be completed only by vendors wanting to be placed on the Bid/RFP list) 

Cellular/Mobile Device and Service Plan Stipend Request Form 

Confidentiality - RFP-Advisor Agreement 

Confidentiality - RFP-Evaluator

FEDEX New Account Set-up Form

Information Security Risk Assessment Form

Kentucky Sales and Use Tax Exemption on Purchases 

Liquidation Request Form - This form should be used by departments to liquidate remaining encumbrances only.  

Request to Purchase Motor Vehicle

Request to Lease Space

Single/Sole Source Justification Instructions and Form  *(Note: Not to be used for Personal Services Contracts) 

3-Quote Process and Form

UPS New Account Set-up Form

Recycled Content/Recovered Materials Certification



UofL State Appropriated Funds

Research Foundation, Inc.

Athletic Association, Inc.


Proof of Necessity (PON) form

Request for Proposal Instructions and Form 

Confidentiality/Conflict of Interest Statement

PSC Invoice Form



Inventory Control/Surplus Property Forms

ProCard and Fuel Card Forms

Stockroom Forms



Vendors claiming either Kentucky Resident Bidder Status or Qualified Bidder Status under KRS 45A.490 to 45A.494 shall submit with bid/proposal the appropriate claim form with supporting documentation of the respective status.  Claims for Resident or Qualified Status not submitted at time of bid will not be accepted.

Resident Bidder Claim Form

Qualified Bidder Claim Form



The multi-part paper copy of the Invoice and Change Order forms for Construction and Renovation projects have been discontinued, and have been replaced with the following electronic PDF version of these same documents.  Both are created to enable you to type directly on the form.

Submission of forms:  Invoice and Change Order forms still require original signatures; therefore, they must be submitted in hard copy format from the submitting firm, and CAN NOT be submitted electronically.  Firms (AE, CM's and General Contractors, etc.) shall submit a single page invoice or change order document along with complete backup information to the:  Owner Representative, UPDC, PPD, etc., as established in the contract documents for review and approval.  Failure to comply may delay payment or authorization to your firm.

Questions regarding this process should be addressed to Amber Horn .

Invoice/Receiving Report for Technical Services and Construction Contracts

Change Order

Employment Utilization Report