Stipends / Benefits

Post Graduate Level 1$59,488.12$4,957.34
Post Graduate Level 2$61,711.24$5,142.60
Post Graduate Level 3$63,703.79$5,308.65
Post Graduate Level 4$66,581.66$5,548.47
Post Graduate Level 5$69,808.68$5,817.39
Post Graduate Level 6$72,959.56$6,079.96
Post Graduate Level 7$75,995.13$6,332.93
Post Graduate Level 8$80,034.62$6,669.55
Stipend rates based on 3% increase for all PG levels.
Practice liability insurance

Malpractice coverage is provided by U of L, VAMC, and/or private affiliated hospitals under terms of your contract.

Medical/Hospitalization Insurance

Single and family coverage is available to all residents and begins the first day of the academic year.

Life and Accident Insurance

Each fellow receives, free of charge, life insurance for the value of twice the annual salary. Workers' compensation, accidental death and dismemberment insurance are also provided.

Private, fully furnished, office space.
Discounts on U of L athletic events/season tickets.
Use of:
  • U of L Swimming Pools
  • Fitness Centers
  • Bass Rudd Tennis Center