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Researchers are Testing New Therapies

UofL scientists are conducting clinical trials in an array of diseases and testing the effects of environment on health.

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Advisory Colleges

Just What Exactly Are Advisory Colleges?

Advisory Colleges are a unique part of the School of Medicine, designed to develop and foster relationships between medical students.

Six Advisory Colleges

CTR Building

The School of Medicine is a Research Leader

The School of Medicine is home to a state-of-the-art facility where pioneering research faculty lead the way with innovative medical research.

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Financial Aid Resources

Looking for financial aid for the upcoming school semester? The School of Medicine's Financial Aid Office is here to help you find the resource you need to supplement your educational costs.

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School of Medicine Mission

Improve the health and vitality of our community, our commonwealth and our world by educating the next generation of physicians and scientists, providing high-quality compassionate care, pursuing transformative research, forging strategic partnerships, and striving for inclusive excellence.