Current Residents


William Bishop
West Virginia University


Dylan Carroll
West Virginia University


Anthony Clark
University of South Florida


Caitlin Griffin
Wake Forest


Anthony Grzeda
St. Louis University


Ahmed Hassan
Assuit University


Mason Holbrook
University of Louisville


Jessica Masch
University of Cincinnati


Jessica Schucht
Wright State


Jonathan Vacek
St. George’s University


Logan Bond
University of Louisville


Kelsey Cage
Louisiana State University


Michael Carr
University of South Florida


Amelia Collings
Thomas Jefferson University


Jahanzeb Kaikaus


Collyn Schafer
University of Missouri


Alyssa Simpson
University of South Carolina


Ansley Smith
University of South Alabama


Joseph Sweeney
Wake Forest


Andrew Tumen
University of Tennessee


Matthew Acton
Indiana University


William Allen


Sellers Boudreau


Hiley Cammock
University of Cincinnati


Nicolas Cassata
UT Houston


Samuel Dacus


Walter Donica
University of Cincinnati


Seth Hall
University of Louisville


Alexandra Jones
University of Oklahoma


Matthew Woeste
University of Louisville


Pooja Avula
Western Michigan


Toyokazu Endo
University of Nevada


Victoria Hammond
University of Louisville


Mohammed Ranavaya
Marshall University


Brandon Ryvkin
St. Louis University


Brittany Sims
University of Louisville


Kyle Stephens
University of New Mexico


Alan Sumski
Ohio State University


Joshua Crane
Georgetown University


Maggie Durci
LSU - Shreveport


Zach Hier
University of Pittsburgh


Donya Jahandar
University of Missouri - KC


Joel Kramer
University of Washington


Grace Osagie
UNC Chapel Hill


Matthew Peters
University of Louisville


Thomas Touma
USC Columbia


Noah Whited
Texas Tech


Akhila Anekm
University of Louisville


Kevin Jacob
University of Louisville

General Surgery Surgical Research Fellows


Nicholas Caminiti (PGY2)
University of Connecticut


Brittany Hegde
University of Tennessee


David Keeven
University of Kentucky


William Risinger
University of Louisville


Vanessa Chinweotuto Uma

Surgical Critical Care & Acute Care Surgery


Amanda Chelednik
University of Florida


Ibraheem Kayali
University of Aleppo


When I interviewed for general surgery residency, the one aspect that stood out compared to other training programs was the autonomy given to the residents. It is difficult to appreciate the importance of autonomy until you are practicing independently with no one looking over your shoulder and no other assistance in the operating room. I have had quite a few difficult cases my first year out in practice including a patient with severe cholecystitis with a BMI over 60 and another patient with a large intra-abdominal sarcoma, and I am thankful that my training prepared me well to tackle even the most difficult patients. Being out in practice now, I can tell you that the autonomy I received as a resident prepared me well to practice independently and made the transition to practice as smooth as possible. If you are looking for broad-based general surgery training that prepares you for practice, then come to the University of Louisville. "

- Former Resident, Ryan Chen, MD