The Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery program is at six affiliated hospitals of the University of Louisville clustered into a medical center complex in Louisville, Kentucky. Our academic faculty is comprised of six full-time members, three full-time researchers, and an active volunteer clinical faculty of approximately 30 members.

Our program is noted for the breadth, depth, and balance of clinical experience and for the challenging clinical complexity of case material.

Our laboratory research program has become widely acclaimed and initiated many microsurgical techniques. We have pioneered and developed many new flaps and have pioneered composite allograft transplantation, including the world's first successful hand transplantation.

This program is designed to provide graduating residents with a comprehensive clinical experience and knowledge of the basic principles of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The mission of this teaching program is to train conscientious, compassionate, careful, thoughtful, and competent plastic surgeons that are also well versed in scientific analysis and research principles.

The Plastic Surgery Program at the University of Louisville has been in existence for almost 50 years. More than eighty individuals have completed the training program since its inception.

The goals and objectives of this program are to educate plastic surgeons that are analytical and scholarly in their approach to surgical problem solving, broadly experienced in all fields of the specialty, safe in their application of judgment and technique, and ultimately self-educating in a life-long continuing medical education process.

The University of Louisville Division of Plastic Surgery has a strong academic commitment that includes basic and clinical research. We are affiliated with some of the most productive research laboratories in the nation, and there is a vigorous basic science and clinical research program ongoing in the Division. This provides an important experience for all residents.