The Office of Community Engagement and Diversity is responsible for facilitating and coordinating collaborative scholarly engagement and diversity activities within the School of Medicine, as well as across the Health Sciences Campus and the University as a whole. The office closely interfaces with leadership of the Schools of Nursing, Dentistry, and Public Health and Information Sciences. The office also works closely with the University of Louisville Office of Community Engagement and the Vice President for Community Engagement.

In order to best meet our health care challenges, we are actively partnering with our rural, urban, and traditionally underrepresented communities to understand unique circumstances and needs, so that the School of Medicine will provide state of the art health care and training of medical practitioners and researchers that are ready and able to serve the people of Kentucky and beyond.  The School of Medicine recognizes the unique contribution that individuals with diverse backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and identities bring to the institution and seeks to create an environment that is inclusive, welcoming, and supportive of all people.

Mission and Vision

Community engagement and diversity represent essential components of the vision for the University of Louisville School of Medicine and play strategic roles in achieving our mission of improving the health of our patients and our diverse communities. The School of Medicine has a fundamental role and responsibility to improve the health of the community (broadly defined) and transform the delivery of healthcare that is complementary to and integrated with the school’s other strategic pillars: Education, Clinical Services, and Research. The goal of the Office of Community Engagement and Diversity is to promote and support existing community partnerships and initiatives and to engage new partners to contribute to health and wellness of the community -- locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. The Office will further advance the University of Louisville’s community engagement and diversity priorities of the strategic 2020 plan.

The Office serves as a focal point for connecting identified community needs with the strengths, competencies and strategic objectives of the School of Medicine. In addition to the direct ways that the School contributes to improving health and healthcare delivery, the Office recognizes that effective efforts to improve community health and transform healthcare delivery require collaborative, multidisciplinary, multifaceted approaches. This need for multidisciplinary, multifaceted approaches presents an opportunity for the Office to serve as a platform to engage a broad range of collaborative partnerships across multiple disciplines both within the University and throughout our community.

Goals and Priorities

The goals and priorities of the Office include but are not limited to the following:

  1. The development of  activities, programs and partnerships focused on enhancing diversity to increase the presence of students, faculty, staff, and senior administrative leadership from traditionally underrepresented populations;
  2. Promotion of a climate that supports and values the unique contribution that each individual contributes to the organization;
  3. Enhancing the opportunity and scope of professional development for faculty and staff that promotes diversity, empathy/compassion, and community engaged scholarship;
  4. Monitoring and assessing the climate in order to develop and further implement plans to enhance the experience for all members of our community;
  5. Support, development, and enhancement of programming that will improve campus climate and augment learning and development around diversity issue