Dual Degree Programs

Why a Dual Degree?

Graduate Student with Microscope

Why offer Dual Degrees?

The University of Louisville School of Medicine is committed to educating physicians prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Not only are we committed to preparing doctors to provide excellent patient care, but also to contribute to the future of medicine through scientific research, to improve the business of health care to better serve our citizens, to protect and promote the public's health and to train future physicians who appreciate the importance of the humanistic touch in a world of highly technological medicine.

Why consider a Dual Degree?

People entering the medical profession are motivated by the opportunity to help others. Dual degree programs help expand your skill set, giving you more opportunities to influence individuals, communities, the health care system and our broader society for the better.

Combining a second degree with your medical education helps you experience health through the lens of diverse disciplines including the humanities, business, policy, public health and other diverse disciplines.  You can graduate with special knowledge and perspective that will serve you well throughout your medical career as you serve, teach and lead.


Admission to all dual degree programs is contingent upon admission to the University of Louisville School of Medicine.

For more information, please see the program descriptions for each dual degree and visit the School of Medicine Admissions web site.