Pediatric Surgery

Midwest Pediatric Surgery Consortium (MWPSC)

Our division is part of a group of pediatric surgery investigators that are from leading academic health centers in the Midwest. This highly trained group of surgeons is passionate about studying surgical diseases and their management in children. The group includes 11 established children’s hospitals that have a mission of advancing the practice of pediatric surgery through high-quality multi-institutional clinical studies focusing on high impact pediatric surgical diseases with the goals of improving patient outcomes, developing best practices, and reducing healthcare expenditures. The close geographic locations and relationships between our sites and investigators allows for the timely creation and successful completion of collaborative studies.

More on the MWPSC consortium.

Other Multicenter Research Projects — Sponsored by the Committee on Trauma (COT):

Tablet-Based Firearm Safety Project (pilot project)

PEDSPINE Studies (cervical spine injuries)


Dr. Fallat has been funded by HRSA on behalf of the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services to support the development of children's services within the EMS system and to support trauma system development within Kentucky. She has continuously been involved in the Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) program in the State of Kentucky since 1992, and is the Program Director for the EMSC Partnership Grant to Kentucky.