University of Louisville Hospital

Under the supervision of the full-time faculty, the fellow will evaluate and treat patients with the full spectrum of critical illness. The evaluation of the patients takes place primarily in the surgical intensive care units and the burn unit of University of Louisville Hospital. Frequently, surgical patients are also housed in the MICU, CCU & Neuro-ICU, allowing for additional patient exposure and experience in these areas as well. The fellow will also have the opportunity to participate with the organ donor intensivist program and actively manage the pre-donation patient in conjunction with the local organ procurement organization (KODA).

The varied patient demographic differences that are reflected in these venues provide the fellow with a rich and vast experience.

2020 ULH Trauma Annual Report

UofL Health - Jewish Hospital

The goal for the fellow will be to have the opportunity to spend 1-2 months of their training at Jewish Hospital. This includes two primary surgical services for rotation opportunities. 1) The goal for the CVICU Service is to gain knowledge, technical skills, and decision-making capabilities required to manage critically ill patients, with special emphasis on the management of patients after major cardiovascular and thoracic surgery. This includes gaining additional training in airway and ventilator management, in invasive and noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring, and in the use of intra-aortic balloon pumps, ventricular assist devices, and extracorporeal membrane oxygenators. Fellows are responsible for participating in rounds, for facilitating triaging and transfers to the floor, for aiding communication with the surgical and consulting teams, and for assisting with the day’s clinical work. 2) The goal for the fellow during their time on the Transplant Service is to become competent in the management of transplant patients, and become familiar with the associated disease spectrum seen in this unique patient population. Fellows interact with elective and emergency transplant surgical patients. The population consists of patients requiring kidney, liver, and pancreas transplants, organ procurement and dialysis access procedures. Experience will also be gained in the acute/elective general surgical care of transplant patients. The fellow will participate in organ retrieval. Fellows are expected to attend transplant didactics and to assist in the coordination of multi-specialty ICU care of patients.

Norton Children's Hospital Critical Care Unit Rotation ~ Elective Rotation

The critical care fellow will have the opportunity to spend 1 month of their training at Norton Children's Hospital, located within a 5-minute walk of the University of Louisville Hospital. The goal of this experience is for fellows interested in pediatric critical care to become competent in the management of pediatric surgical patients and to develop the skills necessary to professionally relate to the parents and families of these children. The fellow will interact with both elective and emergency general surgical patients at Norton Children's Hospital. This patient population will consist of patients requiring acute and elective surgical care such as those with pediatric disorders, peritonitis, skin and soft tissue infections, cancer, burns, trauma, and hernias.