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2024 Benefits

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2023 Benefits

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View the Diabetes Care Resource Guide

View the 2023 Benefit Plan Rates.

View the 2023 Retiree Benefit Plan Rates

View the 2023 Benefits Guide.

View the 2023 Part-Time Benefits Guide.

View the 2023 House Staff Guide

View the 2023 Retirement Guide.

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Get Healthy Now 

Read more on how to earn your 2024 $40 Get Healthy Now monthly incentive

Contact Health Advocate:

Phone: 866.799.273

Email: answers@HealthAdvocate.com

Web: HealthAdvocate.com/UofL



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Kroger- A partnership between Kroger and the University of Louisville offers UofL employees exclusive discounts while shopping at Kroger! The CARDS Special Discount Program is available for regular-status faculty and staff of the University of Louisville. Click here for details. 

Planet Fitness Promotion: Our continued partnership with Planet Fitness allows us to work towards our optimal well-being by giving our employees a special membership opportunity. UofL employees will only need to pay $19.99 per month for a Black Card Membership at Planet Fitness, in addition to no enrollment fee or no annual fee! View the Planet Fitness promotional flyer or contact a local Planet Fitness facility to see what all is included in the promotion!