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Our benefits counselors are here to help you with your benefits questions! Each departmental unit is assigned a dedicated benefits counselor.


Email: Submit question to Benefits Counselor >>

Phone: (502) 852-6258 (Office hours are M-F 8:00 am - 4:30 pm)

Who is your counselor?

UnitVP CodeBenefits CounselorContact
Office of the President10Carol ZehnderSend Email
Intercollegiate Athletics11Michaeline MillerSend Email
Vice President for Finance12Carol ZehnderSend Email
Office of the University Provost20Carol ZehnderSend Email
Executive Vice President for Research21Carol ZehnderSend Email
Vice President for Student Affairs22Carol ZehnderSend Email
Vice President for Business Affairs23Carol ZehnderSend Email
Vice President for University Advancement24Carol ZehnderSend Email
Vice President for Information Technology25Terri MorganSend Email
Vice President for Community Engagement26Carol ZehnderSend Email
University Libraries27Carol ZehnderSend Email
College of Arts & Sciences28Terri Morgan
Send Email
J.B. Speed School of Engineering29Terri MorganSend Email
College of Business30Michaeline Miller
Send Email
College of Education and Human Development31Michaeline MillerSend Email
Kent School of Social Work32Carol Zehnder
Send Email
Brandeis School of Law33Carol ZehnderSend Email
School of Music34Carol ZehnderSend Email
School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies36Carol ZehnderSend Email
Vice President for Human Resources15Carol ZehnderSend Email
Executive VP - Health Affairs40Carol ZehnderSend Email
School of Dentistry41Terri MorganSend Email
School of Medicine42Michaeline MillerSend Email
School of Nursing43Michaeline MillerSend Email
School of Public Health and Information Sciences45Michaeline MillerSend Email
RetireesTerri MorganSend Email