Leaving the University


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Eligible employees can continue health insurance after leaving the university through COBRA for a period of 18 months. Learn more >>

Insurance Conversion and Portability Option

If your life insurance ends or is reduced for any of the reasons stated below, you have the option to buy an individual policy of life insurance ("new policy"). You must submit a completed conversion application form within 31 days after life insurance ends or is reduced. You will not have an option to convert policy at a later date.

Option to convert when your life insurance ends because:

  • cease to be in an eligible status;
  • end of employment;
  • end of Group Policy and a policy holder for at least 5 continuous years.

Option to convert when your life insurance is reduced:

  • on or after the date you attain age 60;
  • change from one eligible class to another; or
  • due to an amendment of the Group Policy.

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Unemployment Compensation

The Employee Relations and Compliance Office is responsible for administering the Unemployment Insurance Program, including processing and reviewing unemployment claims. Learn more >>