IRS Announcement: the IRS increased the contribution limits to $20,500 for retirement plans in 2022. Review the TIAA 2022 IRS contribution limits flyer to learn more. 

12/16/21- Direct bill participants: You recently received your 2022 direct bill statement from Optum dated December 9, 2021. Since then, we have learned these statements contained incorrect billing amounts and incorrect plan information. Information Technology Services (ITS) is in the process of correcting this error. Please view the latest communication sent to you. 

1/1/22- All direct bill participants should have received an updated direct bill statement from Optum. If you haven't received an updated statement or still have questions about your statement, contact benefits at . To register your account or learn more about direct bill, view the information below.

Retiree Benefit Information

View the 2022 Retirement Guide.

View the Optum HRtalks-Direct Bill training recording.

Review the Optum registration instructions for direct bill

View and complete the Optum ACH form.

Optum Financial Direct Bill Customer Service: 1-855-687-2021.

Retirement Savings Plan

It is never too early to start planning for your future and your retirement. The University of Louisville retirement savings plans are available to offer you the opportunity to save for a source of income in your retirement, in addition to Social Security and other savings you may have.

View our retirement saving plan options along with resources to provide guidance on what works best for you.

Attend retirement workshops and webinars hosted by our financial partners Fidelity and TIAA! 

Retirement Eligibility

The University of Louisville does not have a mandatory retirement age for faculty, staff, or administrators.

For eligibility and steps to planning for retirement, visit our Retirement Eligibility and Steps webpage.

Pre 65 Retirees

Retirees under the age of 65 who want to continue coverage under the university's benefit plan as they retire from the university are able to do so. Pre-65 retirees can continue to participate in their university benefit plan until they reach the age of 65. Retirees under 65 are also eligible to participate in the Get Healthy Now program and receive discounted medical plan rates. Please visit our Retiree Medical Plan Rates webpage to view plan option and rates.

Note: After your last paycheck from the university, you will begin receiving billing statements for your premiums at the retiree health rates directly from Optum. Optum will bill for health, dental, vision and life insurance premiums.

You will be responsible to pay these premiums to Optum going forward to maintain your benefits coverage. Failure to pay these premiums will result in loss of coverage and you will lose the ability to re-enroll during future open enrollment periods. To avoid missing payments, we recommend the auto payment (ACH) option with Optum. To set up ACH, complete the Optum ACH form or call Optum Financial Direct Bill Customer Service at 1-855-687-2021.

If you have questions about your retirement health benefits, contact .

If you have questions about your Get Healthy Now incentive, contact .

Post 65 Retirees

Retirees and spouses/QA over age 65 are Medicare eligible and must transition from the university health plan to Medicare. This transition will happen at the time of retirement if you are already age 65 or as you approach your 65th birthday. To help cover some of the costs not covered by Medicare Part B, the university provides retirees access to an AARP Medicare Part B Supplement plan. While you are responsible for paying a monthly premium for this supplement plan, the university will provide a contribution to lower the overall cost of this plan to retirees ($108.10/month for individual or $216.20/month if you have an eligible spouse/QA).

Note: If you were under the age of 65 at the time of retirement, you must contact the UofL Benefits office three months prior to your 65th birthday to begin your transition from the university health plan to Medicare and the AARP Medicare Part B Supplement Plan.

Want to understand more about the transition to Medicare? Contact Health Advocate at 866.799.2731 and they can assist you in your transition!

Social Security

For specific questions about Social Security, please contact the Louisville Social Security Administration Office at 1-866-716-9671. Additional contact information and directions on how to apply for social security benefit online may be found at You may also visit the local Social Security Administration Office at the following addresses

1. Social Security Administration Office

    601 W. Broadway Room 101

    Louisville, KY 40202


2. Social Security Administration Office

    10503 Timberwood Circle Suite 50

    Louisville, Ky 40223