About Get Healthy Now

The Get Healthy Now program focuses on employee wellness and provides employees participating in a UofL medical plan, the opportunity to receive a $40 discount on their monthly premium. All employees are welcome to use this wellness site as a way to focus on their health and well-being; however, only employees on a UofL medical plan can earn a premium incentive. 

Get Healthy Now $40 Monthly Incentive Program

New Hires: To earn the $40 Get Healthy Now monthly incentive towards your 2022 premium, you must complete the Personal Health Profile (PHP) within 45 days of your hire date. This incentive will then be issued approximately 30-60 days after completion and will be retroactive to your medical plan start date. To earn points towards your 2023 incentive, you must follow the steps below that current employees will follow.  

  • The $40 Get Healthy Now incentive is available to all employees and pre-65* retirees enrolled in a UofL medical plan. Medically enrolled spouses and dependents children age 18+ can utilize the wellness program features, but are not eligible for the incentive.
  • Participants must earn 480 wellness points between now and November 30, 2022, to qualify for the $40 Get Healthy Now monthly incentive in 2023.
  • Participants are required to complete the Personal Health Profile (PHP), which is worth 200 wellness points, regardless of results. The remaining 280 wellness points may be earned through a variety of activities/programs from now through November 30, 2022. Visit Get Healthy Now Incentive Guide for a full list of point opportunities.
  • Participants must create an account via Health Advocate's website (instructions below) to begin their point accumulation.
  • Participants can self-report any applicable preventive care on the drop-down menu labeled “Point Suggestions” located at the top right corner of the Health Advocate’s website to earn points towards their $40 Get Healthy Now monthly incentive.

*if a pre-65 retiree goes on Medicare while their spouse/qualifying adult (SQA) is still on a UofL Medical Plan, then the incentive will be applied to the SQA.

Questions about the program? Visit our FAQs or contact the .

Health Advocate Log-in Instructions

  1. View these steps to register and log into your Health Advocate account.
  2. Once you have completed the registration for your Health Advocate account, log into your account.

Need help registering? Call Health Advocate Customer Service at: 1-866-799-2731 or email answers@healthadvocate.com.

UofL Wellness Point Opportunities

Throughout the year, UofL will provide several opportunities to earn points toward your $40 GHN incentive. Below are upcoming opportunities: 

2022 HRtalks Wellness: 

HRtalks Wellness: Chair Yoga

Get Healthy Now is teaming up with Health Promotion on Oct. 5, 2022, for an interactive chair Yoga session with certified Yoga instructor, Sammy-Jo. Chair Yoga is suitable for all skill levels. Attendees will learn basic chair Yoga poses that will increase blood flow and boost energy. Get Healthy Now participants can earn 200 points towards their 2023 $40 GHN monthly incentive for attending. 

October 5th from 2:00 – 2:30pm


Questions about the Get Healthy Now incentive? Contact the ! Have other UofL Benefit questions? Contact HR at 502-852-3167.