Health Reimbursement Account

What is the HRA?

The Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) is available if you enroll in the PCA High or PCA Low plan. Unlike the HSA (where you have full ownership of the account), the university has full ownership of the HRA. This means you are unable to access this account if you leave UofL.

Contributing to the HRA

Only UofL will contribute a set amount (based on coverage tier) to your HRA. You will not have the option to make personal contributions.

Using the HRA

Once you enroll in the PCA High or PCA Low plan, you will receive a debit card through Optum that is tied to your account. You may use this debit card to cover eligible medical and prescription expenses. If you don’t use all your HRA dollars on eligible medical or prescription expenses, the remaining balance rolls over to the next plan year (up to allowed maximum) if you stay enrolled in the PCA High or PCA Low plan. The value of your HRA dollars does not grow with interest, and you cannot make any contributions to your balance. HRA dollars may only be used for medical and prescription expenses and may not be used for vision or dental expenses.

Please NoteFor medical and prescription drug expenses, the Optum debit card will first pull from the HRA and then the Health Care FSA. 


Optum Reimbursement Instructions & Claims Form (PDF)