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  WorkdayHR is now live. Visit the Workday website (louisville.edu/workday) and check UofL Today for more information and project updates. 


AnthemEAP, the university’s new Employee Assistance Program provider offers many great benefits including eight counseling sessions per topic, in-person or online counseling sessions, online appointment scheduling, dependent care, childcare, elder care, assisted living, legal and financial resources and access to a new cognitive and behavioral resource program called “Learn to Live.” Log into AnthemEAP by visiting AnthemEAP.com, select “Member Login,” and type “University of Louisville. Impacted employees with questions regarding their remaining sessions should contact HDC at 589-4357. For all other questions, email askhr@louisville.edu. Impacted employees with questions regarding their remaining sessions should contact HDC at 589-4357. For all other questions, email askhr@louisville.edu.

Costco and Walgreens is now in our pharmacy network of providers and Kroger will no longer be an in-network pharmacy provider for employees with a 2023 medical benefit plan. The university was recently notified that third-party negotiations between Kroger and Express Scripts (ESI) is at a standstill which impacts plan members’ ability to use Kroger as an in-network pharmacy provider. ESI will contact impacted employees in the coming days with additional information. To view additional in-network pharmacies, register or log in at express-scripts.com, click “Prescriptions” and select “Find a Pharmacy.” You may also call Know Your RX Coalition at 1-855-218-5979.

To align with policy and regulatory requirements, staff who retire after Jan. 1, 2023, with accrued sick leave, will be paid out in a lump sum, up to a maximum of 30 days. Additionally, a policy enhancement will add one full month of medical coverage for all employees at the active employee rate following the retirement effective date. Staff with accrued annual vacation leave can still use up to 44 days or choose a lump sum (or any combination of the two) upon retirement. For more information or questions, please email the Benefits Department.

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Get Healthy Now 

Read more on how to earn your 2024 $40 Get Healthy Now monthly incentive

Contact Health Advocate:

Phone: 866.799.273

Email: answers@HealthAdvocate.com

Web: HealthAdvocate.com/UofL



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Kroger- A partnership between Kroger and the University of Louisville offers UofL employees exclusive discounts while shopping at Kroger! The CARDS Special Discount Program is available for regular-status faculty and staff of the University of Louisville. Click here for details. 

Planet Fitness Promotion: Our continued partnership with Planet Fitness allows us to work towards our optimal well-being by giving our employees a special membership opportunity. UofL employees will only need to pay $19.99 per month for a Black Card Membership at Planet Fitness, in addition to no enrollment fee or no annual fee! View the Planet Fitness promotional flyer or contact a local Planet Fitness facility to see what all is included in the promotion!