New Student Resource for International Opportunities

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky – The University of Louisville is excited to announce a valuable addition to the online resources available to students: GoinGlobalThis innovative platform provides students of all nationalities with the tools to fast track their career exploration by offering full-time employment and internship opportunities, job search information, cultural advice, and more for over 120 worldwide locations. International students can use the H1B Plus database to research US employers who have hired international talent. The implementation of GoinGlobal at the University of Louisville is the result of a collaborative effort between the International Center, College of Business Ulmer Career Center, Speed School of Engineering Career Services & Cooperative Education, and the University Career Center.  

GoinGlobal is renowned for its constantly updated and expert resources designed to ease the transition into new locations, whether it is for moving across the world or embarking on a global adventure. By offering GoinGlobal to students, the University of Louisville is reinforcing its commitment to fostering global awareness and providing the resources necessary to empower students in their career pursuits.   

Paul Hofmann, Associate Vice Provost for International Affairs, believes GoinGlobal will introduce UofL students to job opportunities around the world 

“Given the interconnected nature of the global economy, UofL graduates will increasingly find themselves working for companies with worldwide operations,” Hofmann said. This platform will allow students to explore the wide range of employment opportunities that exist overseas.  

Some of the outstanding features that GoinGlobal offers include: 

  • Country and City Career Guides: Provides information for over 120 locations worldwide authored by local employment experts to provide invaluable insights into job markets and other information such as cultural practices, work permits, job searching, resume and curriculum vitae recommendations, and more. 

  • Global Job & Internship Search: Access to a vast database of over 16 million job and internship postings, updated daily, which can be searched in both the local language and English. 

  • Key Employer Directory: Detailed profiles and key contact information for more than 450,000 local and multinational companies spanning 196 countries. 

  • H1B Visa/OPT Resources: Assistance for international students in identifying US employers that have submitted H1B visa applications in the past, along with OPT-friendly employer records and guidelines. 

  • CultureWizard: Complimentary access to a culture assessment that assists students in effectively engaging across cultures. This platform offers self-assessment tools, quizzes, videos, webinars, and culture guides for 160 countries. 

Students at the University can now access GoinGlobal through multiple entry points by either logging into Cardinal Careers from anywhere in the world and navigating to the resources tab or by accessing from any computer while on campus. 

Bill Fletcher, Director of the University Career Center, highlights the significance of GoinGlobal as a valuable tool for acquiring the essential career competencies as outlined in the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education's 10 Essential Skills 

“The CultureWizard offered by GoinGlobal aids students in enhancing their cultural competency, while also fostering skills such as communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and collaboration,” Fletcher said. 

With this new tool, students can gain a competitive edge in their job search, study abroad planning, and international career exploration. The implementation of GoinGlobal marks a significant step forward in enhancing the global competencies of our students and opening doors to a world of opportunities. We are excited to witness the positive impact this resource will have on our student body as they navigate their paths to success. 

More information is on the UCC GoinGlobal webpage.