Parker Dewey and UofL

What is Parker Dewey?

Parker Dewey is a platform that connects highly motivated students with companies looking to efficiently complete short-term projects.

What are micro-internships?

Micro-internships are paid, remote, short-term work opportunities ranging between 10 to 40 hours in length. They are assignments similar to those given to interns or new hires.

What are the benefits of micro-internships?

  • Enhance your resume
  • Skill development
  • Generate an income
  • Career exploration
  • Limited time commitment
  • Build a network

How can I get started?

  • Create a free account
  • Setup your profile - add experience, education, and a resume
  • Browse micro-internship openings
  • Apply to interesting opportunities - answer 1 or more short-answer questions

How can I boost my application?

Complete your profile as fully as possible and submit strong short answer responses, as these are the two materials employers use to evaluate applicants. Consider submitting a draft of your short answer responses and your resume to the UCC’s Document Drop Program.

How will I know I have been selected for a project?

Upon selection, students will receive an email notification from Parker Dewey and the host company with further instructions on filing the necessary paperwork and completing the project.

How will I get paid?

The selection notification email from Parker Dewey will include required tax documents for you to complete in order to receive compensation. Upon completing a project, the company will confirm your completion. Payments come via direct deposit at the end of each month.