Beyond the Paycheck: The Advantages of Part-Time Jobs for Students

Beyond the Paycheck: The Advantages of Part-Time Jobs for Students

By University Career Center Staff

You may be looking for a part-time job (on or off campus) for living expenses or to assist with tuition costs, but there are more benefits to a part-time job than just earning money!  

Beyond the Paycheck


1. You will learn how to manage your money. 

By earning a paycheck, you will learn how to make decisions about spending money on what you need or want. Additionally, you can start to build up long-term savings.

2. You will develop transferable skills. 

Even if your part-time job is not in the exact field you want to work in, you still can develop transferable skills including communication, critical thinking, leadership, professionalism, and many more. Developing your career readiness skills is extremely important as you work with people of various backgrounds and personalities. These skills will transfer both into your personal and professional life. 

3. You will improve your time management skills. 

Having a job, making time for friends, going to on-campus events, doing homework, and going to class seems like a lot to juggle, but it is helping strengthen your time management skills. By understanding the limited time you have and planning ahead, you will be able to complete necessary tasks and enjoy the activities you want to do.  

4. You will meet new people and build a professional network. 

Any job you work will allow you to meet and network with new people including customers and other employees. You never know who you may meet or where a conversation could lead so make sure to introduce yourself! 

5. You will gain work experience.

Employers generally want to hire someone with work experience, even if it is not in their specific field. Having part-time work experience can add something to your resume, but more importantly, make you more attractive to employers as you have an understanding of the world of work. 

6. You will learn what interests you. 

A part-time job allows you to try out different tasks, hone new skills, and learn about different occupations. A part-time job may spark an interest in a new career field or might cause you to pause and reconsider previous career plans. Working in the Student Activities Center may interest you in event planning as a career, or working in retail might help you realize that sales is not the career path for you.

All experience is valuable experience whether it is part-time, temporary, or seasonal!