Basic Recruiting Services

The following is a summary of basic recruiting services offered to all employers by the University Career Center (UCC).

Recruiting Consultation 

We want you to make the best use of your time and resources when recruiting UofL students.  A member of our Employer Engagement Team is available to speak with you by phone or virtual meeting to discuss recruiting our majors for internships and professional entry-level opportunities or recruiting all students for part-time student employment positions. 

The University Career Center (UCC) serves nine of 12 colleges and schools representing approximately 16,000 students in over 50 academic departments. It is one of four career centers on campus. The University has more than 30 departments offering internships, cooperative education, student teaching, field placements, and clinicals for academic credit.  We can also connect you with other career centers and programs on campus to assist with your recruiting efforts. 

Job Postings

Cardinal Careers (powered by Symplicity) is the online job listing and career management database connecting employers to thousands of talented UofL students served by the University, Business, and Engineering career centers. Having an account allows you to post part-time student employment jobs, internships, co-ops, and full-time entry-level positions for all colleges and schools except Law and Medical Doctors.  

Employers can create a Cardinal Career account free of charge. Symplicity Corporation has a premium service for employers for a fee. Please review our Position Posting Policy before posting positions - this can save you time.  

Career Fairs

The UCC hosts several career fairs during the academic year. Please see our current list of career fairs. There are two basic types of fairs:

  • Campus-wide fairs are hosted by the UCC and typically serve a variety of majors. Employers attending these fairs should have a primary interest in recruiting majors served by the UCC. Employers hiring from multiple majors are typically more successful at these fairs.  Business and Engineering career centers also host career fairs in Cardinal Careers. All UofL students have access to Cardinal Careers and are welcome at all campus-wide fairs. 
  • Academic department fairs are co-hosted by the UCC and staff/faculty in the specific academic department. Employers attending these fairs should recruit for opportunities specifically requiring these majors. These fairs are smaller in terms of student and employer attendance and are more targeted.

Information Tables

Tabling in the Student Activities Center (SAC) is available once per academic year, per employer. High traffic/peak times are Monday through Thursday from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.  The SAC requires reservations to be set up by our Recruitment Coordinator and is subject to availability. Tabling requests are submitted through Cardinal Careers as "Information Sessions."  

On-Campus Interview Room Reservation

Organizations may reserve interview rooms in the University Career Center. This option is available to organizations who create their own interview schedule(s) and need a convenient location on campus to interview students. The Student Activity Center is next door with several lunch locations. To make arrangements, please contact a member of our Employer Engagement Team