Employer & Job Posting Policy


Cardinal Careers powered by Symplicity is the career platform used by Business, Engineering, and University career centers as well as the new Center for Engaged Learning. Through Cardinal Careers, employers will be able to post all employment opportunities, view and register for all UofL career fairs, and reach all UofL students. 

Employer Verification and Job Approval Process

Because of the ongoing threat of fraudulent positions, phishing scams, and questionable employment practices, all employers and contacts are reviewed before approval to post in the system. Additionally, all job postings are reviewed before being released to students. Although we make every effort to protect students and employers from fraudulent activity, we cannot guarantee the integrity of every employer or position. 

Employer Verification

We require certain information from employers requesting accounts in Cardinal Careers. Employers who cannot supply the required information should contact the career center related to their organization’s recruiting focus to provide additional information for verifying the organization and contact. 

Information Needed to Verify Organization:

  1. Physical, commercial address, no PO boxes – Residential addresses may present a safety concern and require additional information for verification.
  2. Valid website and functioning URL – Social media pages can be created by parties not affiliated with the organization, and thus require additional information for verification.
  3. Specific individual contact name, telephone number, and organization email address matching website domain – Gmail or similar email addresses can be created by parties not affiliated with the organization, and thus require additional information for verification.
  4. Complete organization description of the nature of the business. Please include information that would explain any discrepancies in organization name, website, or email address (e.g., subsidiary organization, holding company, etc.).  

Position Approval

After approval of employer and contact, all subsequent job postings will also be reviewed and approved by the career center associated with majors related to the position.

  1. Postings must include a clear and concise description of the available position, nature of the work, skills sought, degree level, and related majors.
  2. Expiration or application dates should be no longer than six months. 
  3. Required fields on the job posting form are noted by an asterisk.
  4. Position types accepted are described below. 
  5. Some positions, although legitimate, will not be approved for posting. Please see list below. 

Position Types Defined:

The following are the position types used by all employers in Cardinal Careers:   

  1. Full-time – career-related, require a college degree, and related to majors at the university
  2. Co-op – employer-supervised positions preparing students for a professional career track, usually multiple rotations/work terms
  3. Internship (single rotation) – employer-supervised positions preparing students for a professional career track, usually one term
  4. Part-time (Off campus) – paid off-campus, part-time jobs with flexible schedules while students are enrolled in classes, or part-time, career-related positions requiring a minimum of a bachelor’s degree
  5. Temporary/Seasonal – paid off-campus student jobs of short duration, usually during academic breaks (i.e., winter and summer)
  6. External Research/Creative Activity – student participation in activities in an entity external to UofL that results in original scholarship.

The following are position types used only by UofL Departments:

  1. Federal Work-Study (UofL use only) – positions posted by the UofL Financial Aid Office. Employers and campus departments cannot post these positions through their own accounts
  2. Part-time (On UofL campus) – paid on-campus student jobs with UofL departments or employers physically located on campus
  3. Graduate Assistant (UofL use only) – graduate student positions (GTA, GRA, GSA) with UofL departments that provide a stipend, health insurance, and tuition remission.
  4. Internal (UofL) Research/Creative Activity – student participation in activities within a UofL entity that results in original scholarship.

Opportunities Not Posted

  1. Full-time, non-professional positions that do not require a college degree or are not career-related.
  2. Part-time, non-professional positions that do not require a college degree and are conducted at the employer location outside of the Louisville seven-county area.
  3. In-home services for private individuals at private residences such as tutoring, childcare, cleaning, personal care, or yard work.
  4. Multi-level marketing opportunities.
  5. Positions requiring an investment or charging a fee.
  6. On-campus, brand-ambassador positions soliciting UofL students. 
  7. International employment, teach-abroad, or study-abroad opportunities.
  8. Positions from other job board websites, matching sites, or career fair companies seeking to promote their events.
  9. Internships that appear to be self-directed or without supervision. 
  10. Volunteer opportunities.  (Post these on the Office of Student Involvement’s Helper Helper app, https://louisville.edu/involvement/service.)

Policy on Staffing Agencies and Third-Party Recruiters

  1. The organization must have an office in the Greater Louisville Metropolitan Area.
  2. They may post positions for their own organization (e.g., recruiter, account representative, sales).
  3. If posting a position for a client, the name of the client must be listed with the position title on the job form. (e.g., Engineer at ABC Company).
  4. The employer profile must list “Human Resources and Staffing” as one of its industries.
  5. All postings must go through Cardinal Careers and may not be sent directly to faculty or staff.
  6. All employer profiles, contacts, and job postings should clearly identify as a staffing agency or third-party recruiter.
  7. Each career center may have their own policy for attending career fairs.

Part-time Student Employment Program – consists of part-time (on- and off-campus positions); more information is at https://louisville.edu/career/jobs-internships/part-time-sep


Each center reserves the right to refuse postings that do not support the interests of the students they serve. 


Questions?  Please contact the career center representing your primary recruiting focus:

College of Business

502-852-7756 | ulmer@louisville.edu

All positions related to business


Speed School of Engineering

502-852-3196 | haley.zoeller@louisville.edu

All positions related to engineering


University Career Center

502-852-6701 | ulcareer@louisville.edu

All positions related to:

  • Arts and Communication
  • Education and Human Service
  • Government, Administration, and Public Safety
  • Health Sciences
  • Science and Math
  • Part-time Student Employment


Center for Engaged Learning

502-852-9540 | cel@louisville.edu

All UofL positions related to undergraduate research and creative activities


 Revised 5/26/23


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