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Big Interview

(Big) Interview Advice

Pamela Skillings, chief coach and co-founder of Big Interview, pinpoints her top five rules that you shouldn’t break when interviewing.

1. Don’t lie (and don’t over exaggerate skills or proficiencies)

The employer will figure it out and it will only end poorly for you. Instead of lying about your perceived shortcomings, emphasize how you plan to improve them.

2. Answer every question (don’t dodge or avoid)

Don’t dodge a question or answer with another question. Still, you want to make sure you know which questions are illegal for interviewers to ask you. Interview questions can sometimes be difficult to answer directly and fully, Interview Q &A can help you navigate those scenarios.  

3. Highlight your ROI  (ROI: return on investment)

Emphasize how you are the best fit for the position. Clearly communicate what you can bring to the table by incorporating key requirements and skills from the job description into your interview. Explain how your previous experiences allowed you to develop the desired qualifications.

4. Think about how you use “I” and “We” (teamwork matters but the interview is about you)

The ability to work well on a team is important, but you will need to be able to pinpoint your individual achievements that helped your team reach a goal. Tell a short story to describe a problem or obstacle and highlight how your contribution and/or initiative helped the team succeed.

5. Show your personality (be your best professional self)

Don’t hide who you are as this has the potential to come across as fake to your interviewer. Be confident and true to yourself. Only the companies that understand and appreciate you for who you are deserve to have you on their team.


Source: Skillings, Pamela. Big Interview email, Feb 14, 2023. “Job Interview Rules You Actually Need to Stick to”