Student Interns with UofL Division of Infectious Disease

Student Interns with UofL Division of Infectious Disease

Intern Trevor Bosley



By Stuart Esrock, Ph.D.

While some students have seen their internships terminate because of the coronavirus, many others are continuing their work, either remotely or in some instances at the worksite.  And some of the work our UofL students are doing is incredibly important.  In the coming weeks, we will highlight some of these awesome students.

One such intern is northern Kentucky senior Trevor Bosley.  Trevor is planning to graduate this May with a BS degree from the UofL Department of Communication and is continuing his internship with the UofL Division of Infectious Disease, an office that has increasingly become very high profile as the crisis has escalated.  

Trevor’s work assignment has now shifted to the office’s Covid-19 Coordinating Center.  According to Bosley, “Most of the work that I’m doing involves branding for the virus response team, and working to inform the public. Along with that I’m working on different pieces such as infographics and editing a video series that we can utilize to inform the public as well.” You can find that video here.

Bosley calls his internship “an incredible learning experience” and credits his supervisor Tonya Augustine with transparency and tremendous support.  “Overall this experience is shaping me in my professional, and personal life. I’m learning how to deal with so many different curveballs and it’s fun and interesting to have new challenges each day at work. Along with that, I’m developing confidence in my work, that carries outside of my internship because I’m proud to be a part of this huge effort.”

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