Alumni Services

The UCC serves 16,000 students in 9 of the 12 colleges and schoolsBusiness, Engineering, and Law have career centers serving majors from those colleges and schools.  

The mission of the UCC is to prepare students to enter the working-world and thrive in an ever-changing, diverse and global community.  Our resources focus on preparing students to launch their careers in today’s workforce.

All Alumni

All alumni have access to the following online and subscription resources, free of charge:

  • Handshake - is a subscription resource that is free to UofL alumni. This contains over 21,000 positions from employers nationwide and community features such as peer-to-peer messaging and Q&A. 
  • Career Fairs - all campus-wide career fairs. 
  • Big Interview - a subscription web-based video mock interview program with free access to all alumni.
  • - an online subscription of career-related videos free to all alumni.
  • What Can I Do With This Major? - is a subscription resource that is free to all UofL alumni. This resource provides information on career areas, typical employers, and strategies to enter that career area, for over 90 majors.
  • Online Content - specifically developed by the staff on topics such as developing resumes, cover letters, interviewing, etc.
  • Links to External Resources - not affiliated with the UCC but provided as a courtesy to student and alumni including resources such as O*NET Online and Occupational Outlook Handbook. 

Alumni Within 2 Years of Graduation

Graduates from our 9 colleges and schools are eligible to receive complimentary career coaching services through the UCC for the first 2 years after graduation. To make an appointment, please email the UCC at and provide your full name, degree, major, and ID number, if remembered.  A staff member will set up or re-activate your Handshake account and provide instructions for scheduling an appointment through Handshake. Please do not request an account through the account request link in Handshake, it will delay getting your account re-activated. 

Alumni Beyond 2 Years of Graduation

Alumni beyond two years of graduation require a different level of service than the UCC can provide. The following are some community resources.  These are not affiliated with the UCC and some may charge fees.  Please inquire before obtaining service. 

The National Career Development Association (NCDA) is a recognized leader in developing standards for the career development profession. Their Resources page contains additional information on choosing a career counselor and FAQs.

Additional Resources

These are not affiliated with the UCC and some may charge fees.  Please inquire before obtaining service.