Be Aware of Latest Scam!

Scam Alert

Be Aware of Latest Scam Targeting UofL Students

Several students have reported a fraudulent email they have received.  The sender claimed to be a representative of Universal Health Services and stated they were impressed with the student's recent resume upload into Cardinal Careers.  If you received this email, do not reply. They do not represent the employer and they do not have access to your resume in Cardinal Careers.

The fraudulent email encourages students to set up a Chatwork account and add their email address. In that process, it asked for banking information. Never, give out your banking or financial information in the job search process!

Other signs it is not legitimate:

  • Email addressed to "candidate" and not addressing student by name
  • Email does not disclose the name of the person sending it
  • The email address does not match the email address of that organization 
  • Email address ends in .org and real organization is .com
  • Salary is unrealistically high at $30.50 to $50.50 an hour
  • Misuse of capitalization
  • Position is not identified and only described as remote or on-campus, full-time or part-time

If you receive a phishing or scam email through your UofL email account, you can report it to Information Technology Services (ITS) by following these steps:

  1. Click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the email
  2. Choose Report option
  3. Click Report Phishing

More information on Safe Job Hunting can be found at:

If you have any questions about this or other questionable opportunities, please contact the University Career Center by email at or phone at (502) 852-6701.