Student Gets Work Experience Through Micro-Internship


By Stuart Esrock, Ph.D.

A UofL graduate student recently completed a micro-internship and thinks other students at the University can benefit from these types of experiences.  Christian Covyeau is from Chicago and is finishing his masters degree in sports administration in December.  He found his micro-internship through Parker Dewey.

Intern Christian Covyeau

Christian Covyeau

Parker Dewey connects students to employers across the country for short-term, paid project work.  Most micro-internships are virtual and typically involve 5 to 40 hours of total work at an average pay rate of $15 to $20/hour.

During his micro-internship, Covyeau worked with an executive search consulting firm based out of Chicago. The company helped startups and tech companies place candidates for specialized executive roles. “My role was primarily in person but allowed for flexibility with occasional remote opportunities. I had a great experience due to the awesome people I worked with. The company was small and the founder was very involved in every project I worked on, which was extremely helpful.”

While Covyeau had a positive experience with Parker Dewey, it took very definite persistence to acquire his micro-internship.  “I only received one micro-internship opportunity after submitting 20-25 applications. I believe as the opportunities with Parker Dewey continue to grow, it will prove to be a valuable resource for students looking to gain paid experience through micro-internships.”

Given the competition, UofL students interested in micro-internships should not get discouraged since, like Covyeau, you likely will have to submit multiple applications before you get the go-ahead on a project.  Still, Covyeau thinks students should jump in on Parker Dewey.  “I would encourage other students to give the platform a try and to take the time to complete your profile as it will make you stand out among other candidates.”

To learn more and apply for micro-internships, visit the UofL - Parker Dewey website. UofL students who obtain Parker Dewey micro-internships are encouraged to email Maddie McNabb in the University Career Center to tell us about your experience.