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Are you interested in working abroad in a full-time position or internship?  Are you planning to study abroad? Want to know which US employers have supported international students for H1B visas?  Are you curious about your cultural compentencies?  Check out GoinGlobal!

What is GoinGlobal?

GoinGlobal provides jobseekers of all nationalities with tools to fast track their career explorations abroad, featuring employment, internship and study abroad resources for more than 120 locations. Providing constantly updated, expert resources for living and working around the globe is GoinGlobal’s expertise. Features include:

Country and City Career Guides: Information for more than 120 Locations: Proprietary country and global city career guides, all written by local employment experts and constantly updated.

Global Job & Internship Search: Access to 16 million+ job and internship postings. Updated daily, these opportunities can be searched in the local language, as well as in English.

Key Employer Directory: Provides profiles and key contact information for more than 450,000 local and multinational companies throughout 196 countries.

H1B Visa/OPT Resources: Quickly identify US employers that have submitted H1B visa applications to employ international talent, plus additional OPT-friendly employer records and guidelines.

CultureWizard: Complimentary access to a culture assessment learning platform that helps international students, study abroad participants and global executives effectively engage across cultures through self-assessment tools, quizzes, videos, webinars, and culture guides for 160 countries.

 Access GoinGlobal On-Campus

From any computer on campus, go to https://online.goinglobal.com/ to access the site.

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Access GoinGlobal Off-Campus through Cardinal Careers

  1. Log into your Cardinal Careers account from anywhere in the world
  2. Click on Resources in the top menu
  3. Scroll to Links and click on GoinGlobal

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