Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jarrod Little Donates His Time to Treat Woman Disfigured After Cancer Misdiagnosis

Lessya Kotelevskaya, who was disfigured by a misdiagnosis of terminal cancer at age 19 in Kazakhstan, will undergo her major reconstructive surgery with Dr. Jarrod Little on Monday, June 23.

Dr. Little is an Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Plastic & Reconstructive and Otolaryngology divisions in the Department of Surgery. He is a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon with UofL Physicians - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.

Dr. Little is donating his time to help Lessya. The surgery is expected to last up to 24 hours or more and will take place at University of Louisville Hospital. Multiple stories have appeared about Dr. Little's upcoming surgery on Lessya including this one on national news.