Kent School of Social Work and Family Science faculty have been honored with distinguished level awards by the university as the tops in teaching, scholarship and service in the whole university. The Kent School of Social Work and Family Science is one of the highest producers of funding for research per faculty member in the University.

Our faculty generate new knowledge and understanding to combat social ills and improve quality of life. Click a faculty member’s name to view their faculty profile.

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image of Dr. Antle 

Antle, Becky

Professor & University Scholar, Director of CFCWB

Dr. Armon Perry 

Perry, Armon

Professor, Director BSW Program


image of Dr. Archuleta 

Archuleta, Adrian

Associate Professor

image of Dr. Prost 

Prost, Stephanie Grace

Associate Professor

Anita Barbee 

Barbee, Anita

Professor and University Scholar, Director of PhD Program

image of Emi Ramirez 

Ramirez, Emi

Professor of Professional Practice

jennifer Bobo 

Bobo, Jennifer

Professor of Professional Practice

 Susan Rhema 

Rhema, Susan

Interim MSSW Program Director, Professor of Professional Practice

image of Dr. BrintzenhofeSzoc 

BrintzenhofeSzoc, Karlynn


Renato LaRocca Endowed Chair of Oncology Social Work

image of Dr. Romney 

Romney, Justin

Professor of Professional Practice

Dr. Crystal Collins-Camargo 

Collins-Camargo, Crystal


Dr. Sunshine Rote 

Rote, Sunshine

Associate Dean of Research

image of Shantel Crosby 

Crosby, Shantel

Associate Professor

Sharon Sanders 

Sanders, Sharon

Professor of Professional Practice, Interim Director of Practicum Education

picture of Dr. Dawson 

Dawson, Alicia

Professor of Professional Practice

image of Dr. Sar 

Sar, Bibhuti


Dr. Anna Faul 

Faul, Anna

Professor, Executive Director of the Trager Institute

  image of Dr. Sterrett-Hong

Sterrett-Hong, Emma

Assoc. Professor, Assoc. Dean of Equity & Inclusion


Fetalver, Jocelyn

Professor of Professional Practice

 heather storer

Storer, Heather

Associate Professor

Dr. L. Frey 

Frey, Laura

Associate Professor, Director of CFT Program

 Camie Tomlinson

Tomlinson, Camie

Assistant Professor

image of Dr. Golder 

Golder, Seana


andrew winters 

Winters, Andrew

Assistant Professor

Dr. Martin Hall 

Hall, Martin T

Associate Professor


Yankeelov, Pam

Professor, Director of Research Trager Institute

Dr. Lesley Harris 

Harris, Lesley Maradik

Associate Professor


Yingling, Marissa

Associate Professor

Dr. Eli Karam 

Karam, Eli


  image of Dr. Zhang

Zhang, Lixia

Assistant Professor

Lynetta Mathis 

Mathis, Lynetta

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

Director, DSW Program


image of Dr. Middleton 

Middleton, Jennifer

Associate Professor

John W. Miller Jr., Ph.D. 

Miller, John

Dean and Professor

Image of Shawnise Miller 

Miller, Shawnise

Professor of Professional Practice

image of Dr. Moon 

Moon, Heehyul

Associate Professor

image of Dr Moore 

Moore, Sharon E.