Bachelor of Social Work

The BSW Program at the Kent School of Social Work is a full-time, campus-based and online program that prepares students for entry level professional social work practice. The Program also provides the foundation for graduate study in social work. Students may qualify for entry as Advanced Level students in graduate social work programs. The program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

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BSW Class of 2022


The BSW Program Curriculum builds on a liberal arts base. The curriculum is designed to promote the development of generalist social work knowledge and skills in using critical thinking to analyze, plan and implement effective interventions to address complex social problems and the subsequent impact on individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. Students gain experience through service learning and social work practicum.

BSW Upper Division Curriculum*

SW 201 Introduction to Social Work

3 hours

Fall Junior Year


SW 301 Human Behavior & Social Environment I

3 hours

SW 302 Social Welfare Institutions, Policies &Services

3 hours

SW 303 General Practice I

3 hours

Spring Junior Year


SW 304 General Practice II

3 hours

SW 319  Human Behavior & Social Environment II

3 hours

SW 322 Issues in Policy & Service Delivery

3 hours

Fall Senior Year


SW 405 General Practice III

3 hours

SW 426 Introduction to Social Work Research

3 hours

SW 470 Practicum I

6 hours

SW 472 Practicum Seminar & Lab I

3 hours

Spring Senior Year


SW 406  General Practice IV

3 hours

SW 471  Practicum II

6 hours

SW 473 Practicum Seminar & Lab II

12 hours

BSW Upper Division Program Electives

(Please see advisor for approval of courses)

12 hours


120 - 121 hours

*Part-time program available (speak with BSW academic advising)

BSW Student Catalog

UofL Undergraduate Student Catalog(pgs. 841 - 845)

BSW Flight Plan (Full-time and Part-time Flight Plans available, speak with BSW academic advising)

BSW Program Admissions Requirements

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Program Contact Information

General questions: 502.852.8039


Program Manager: Laurie A. O'Hare, MA

Academic Counselor:  Chelle Giese

Admissions Counselor: Maya Lynum Walker

Coordinator:Kim Rogers

EMAIL:  BSW Service Account