From the Dean's Desk

Dean Jenkins

Many of us choose social work or family therapy to make a difference. Whether it’s fighting for social justice; giving voice to the marginalized; or seeking solutions to racism, violence, and oppression, we work to protect those most vulnerable in our society. We also strive to respond to the tough social issues facing people at home and abroad. Whatever your reason for choosing the Kent School of Social Work, you will become part of a community of learners leading the way in confronting daunting societal challenges.

At the Kent School, you will find a strong generalist orientation in the foundation curriculum preparing you for work with client systems ranging from individuals to groups, families, organizations, and communities. In the advanced curriculum, you will use complex critical thinking and best-practice evidence to deepen your understanding of social challenges. Our faculty are engaged in interdisciplinary research seeking answers to complex social issues – enhancing the classroom experience. Also, dual degrees in law, theology, women and gender studies, bioethics, and Pan African studies enable students to reach their professional goals within the context of social work.

We make every effort at the Kent School to meet a range of students’ needs as we prepare you for practice in your field. That may be the Bachelor’s of Social Work (BSW), Master’s of Science in Social Work (MSSW), the Research Doctorate in Social Work (PhD), and the graduate degree in Couples and Family Therapy (CFT). The BSW program offers an exciting opportunity for undergraduate students to learn about generalist evidence-based social work practice on the main campus and online. The MSSW program, with its strong reputations for excellence, gives students many different specialization options in a traditional classroom setting or online. The CFT degree prepares graduates through face-to-face instruction to offer couple/marriage and family therapy through a social justice lens. The PhD program prepares students with on campus instruction for research and leadership in addressing challenges extending from the Commonwealth to the world community. I am confident each of these educational ventures will challenge and excite you.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Kent School family!

David Jenkins, Ph.D.