Academics at Kent School

The Kent School of Social work seeks to prepare well-qualified social workers who practice from a strong professional value-base to serve the metropolitan mission of the university. Our graduates promote social justice through their practices with diverse client systems. In the context of a research institution, the Kent School is committed to knowledge development that informs social work practice, recognizing the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration to solve complex social problems.

Social work is a profession concerned with the prevention and amelioration of social problems and the enhancement of the quality of human life. Social workers achieve these goals through direct practice with individuals, families, groups, and community organizations; advocacy; social planning; social policy analysis and formulation; research; and administration. Social work practice helps people mobilize their resources to deal with present circumstances and to enlarge their prospects for the future. Since problems of the individual cannot be seen in any meaningful way in isolation from the broad social and community context in which they occur, social work also takes a leadership role in bringing about institutional and social change. The Kent School of Social Work offers degree programs that lead to a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW), and a Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work (PhD).


  • The BSW program prepares students for generalist practice.
  • The MSSW program prepares students for advanced practice.
  • The PhD program prepares students for research, teaching and policy analysis.

The Kent School is committed to teaching the next generation of social workers, preparing them to promote social justice and be positive change agents in the fast-growing field of social work, and empowering them to help others lead a healthier, more productive and safer life.