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Scholarship designed to build healthy therapeutic and familial relationships and understand the commonalities underlying the ties that bind the professions of social work and marriage and family therapy.

Dr. Eli Karam provides a model for the application of research to practice within the field of marriage and family therapy (MFT). His areas of study include identifying the common factors leading to change in MFT and bridging the scientist- practitioner gap in MFT research and training. Common factors refer to all techniques and therapeutic change mechanisms that transcend various models and are related to successful outcomes. All of Dr. Karam’s scholarly interests have been stimulated by his real-world interactions with underserved client populations and the micro-practice of social work and MFT.

Outside of psychotherapy, his research areas center on healthy relationship education for at-risk families, adults and youth, as well as the integration between the disciplines of social work and MFT. Dr. Karam also disseminates his work to the lay public through print and television media in order to accomplish valuable public education.