Business Center (for Faculty and Staff)

Contact Information

Elana Nance, Assistant Dean for Finance, 502.852.0418

April Clark, Unit Business Manager,  502.852.2407

Natasha Dean , Business Center Temp.,502.852.6405

Tammy Vories, Research Grant Specialist, 502.852.3934

Kent School Business Center Service Account,

Financial Information

FY2015 Fiscal Year End Calendar



Telephone/Communications Information

How do I set up a conference service?

  • Contact Debra Evans by email, or phone: (502) 852-6566.

What if I don't really know what type of conference call or equipment I need?

  • If you need to meet with Debra Evans after your initial contact, her office is in Oppenheimer Hall, Room 102.
  • The Information Technology website has additional information on what is available: Conferencing on the IT web


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