Research Bytes

Research Bytes provide a brief summary of the results of recently published research conducted by Kent School faculty in specific topical areas in easily digestible “bytes.” We also provide a link to the article on each journal’s website for those who wish to investigate further.


Issue 1:  Promoting Social Justice

Issue 2:  Children, Youth and Families

Issue 3:  Health and Mental Health

Issue 4:  Professional Practice

Issue 5:  Programs, Organizations and Systems

Issue 6:  Relationships



Issue 1: Perseverance & Adaptability: Responding to COVID-19

Issue 2: Preparing Professionals

Issue 3: Shaping Practice: Serving Children and Adolescents

Issue 4: Shaping Practice: Through the Lifecourse

Issue 5: Shaping Practice: Systems & Organizations

Issue 6: Strengthening Families