a picture of this staff member has not been submittedChyna Angelini, Program Coordinator Sr., CFCWB

Phone: 502-852-8975

Email Chyna Angelina



  Danette Baker, Coordinator, Couple & Family Therapy Program

Phone: 502.852.0383

Email Danette Baker

Jessica Ballinger, Program Manager, Assistant to Deans Office

Phone: 502.852.0423

Email Jessica Ballinger



a picture of this staff member has not been submittedJennifer Beswick, Program Coordinator Sr., CFCWB


Email Jennifer Beswick




Joyce Borders, Research Coordinator


Email Joyce Borders

a picture of this staff member has not been submittedAndreana Bridges, Research Manager, CFCWB


Email Andreana Bridges



Amy BrooksAmy Brooks, Program Assistant Sr.

Phone: 502.852.2345

Email Amy Brooks



brandon burkeBrandon Burke, Financial Coordinator, Sr.

Phone:  502.852.3933

Email Brandon Burke



Nacetia BurkeNacetia Burke, Financial Coordinator, Sr.

Phone:  502.852.7418

Email Nacetia Burke

April Clark, Financial Coordinator, Sr.

Phone: 502.852.2407

Email April Clark



a picture of this staff member has not been submittedRobin Cook, Research Manager


Email Robin Cook

Samantha CooperSamantha Cooper, Program Coordinator Sr.

Phone: 502.852.9103

Email Samantha Cooper



a picture of this staff member has not been submittedShanette Davis, Coordinator, Field Program

Phone:  502.852.7374

Email Shanette Davis



Holly EckertHolly Eckert, Coordinator, Field Program

Phone:  502.852.0425

Email Holly Eckert



Shelby EisenbackShelby Eisenback, Coordinator, BSW Program

Phone: 502.852.8009

Email Shelby Eisenback 


Debra Evans, Technology Consultant IV

Phone: 502.852.6566

Email Debra Evans



 Carol Frame, Program Manager

Phone:  502.724.5034

Email Carol Frame



 Jennifer Foreman, MSSW Program Manager

Phone: 502.852.7336

Email Jennifer Foreman



Robin George

 Robin George, Coordinator, Field Program

Phone:  502.852.3125

Email Robin George



 Picture of Chellie Giese from the BSW programMichelle Giese, Coordinator, MSSW Program

Phone: 502.852.3606

Email Michelle Giese



picture of Director of School Communications and MarketingDiandre Glover Thomas, Director of School Communications & Marketing

Phone:  502.852.2430

Email Diandre Glover Thomas


   James Guinn, Program Manager

   Phone: 502.852.7968

   Email James Guinn


 Katy Henry, Research Manager

Phone: 502.376.5289

Email Katy Henry

Joe Higdon, Unit Business Manager, Sr.

Phone: 502.376.6406

Email Joe Higdon



Diana Jester, Program Manager

Phone: 502.852.3487

Email Diana Jester


  melissa kingMelissa King, Program Manager

Phone: 502.852.6725

Email Melissa King




Ab Khorshidian

Ab Khorshidian, Systems Analyst

Phone:  502.852.1981

Email Ab Khorshidian



Cheri Langley, Program Manager, 4 Your Child Fatherhood Program

Phone: 502.852.8697

Email Cheri Langley

a picture of this staff member has not been submittedAshley Logsdon, Research Manager, CFCWB


Email Ashley Logsdon



 picture of BSW Coordinator Maya Lynum WalkerMaya Lynum-Walker, PhD, Coordinator, DSW Program

 Phone:  502.852.3396

 Email Maya Lynum-Walker



Valerie Miller, MSSW Program Manager

Phone: 502.852.0414

Email Valerie Miller


 Lizzie MintoLizzie Minton, Clinical Consultant, SAFESPACE

Phone: 502.564.6852

Email Lizzie Minton 



Elana Nance, Assistant Dean of Administration

Phone: 502.852.0418

Email Elana Nance



Margret Nance

Margret Nance, Coordinator, Field Program

Phone:  502.852.6404

Email Margret Nance

Anna O'Connell, Coordinator, BSW Program

Phone: 502.852.5872

 Email Anna O'Connell



Kim Rogers, Coordinator, Field Program

Phone: 502.852.8039

Email Kim Rogers


Eric Schneider, Research Manager

Phone: 502.852.2431

Email Eric Schneider


shelly schrollShelly Schroll, Financial Coordinator, Sr.

Phone:  502.852.6405

Email Shelly Schroll



a picture of this staff member has not been submittedTaylor Shaw, Kent Director of Development

Phone:  502.852.6922

Email Taylor Shaw


Betty Shiels, Director

Phone: 502.852.8003

Email Betty Shiels


blake skidmore pictureBlake Skidmore, Research Manager

Phone:  502.852.7705

Email Blake Skidmore



 a picture of this staff member has not been submittedAbigail Smith, Community Resource Coordinator

Phone: 502.852.8143

Email Abigail Smith


Image of Sarah SpringerSarah Springer, BSW Program Manager

Phone:  502.852.3935

Email Sarah Springer



allysse stokes

Allysse Stokes, Coordinator, PhD Program

Phone:  502.852.3931

Email Allysse Stokes


jennifer strattonJennifer Stratton, Administrative Assistant, BSW Program

Phone:  502.852.5656

Email Jennifer Stratton



Picture of Leia StuartLeia Stuart, Community Resource Coordinator

Phone:  502.852.8143

Email Leia Stuart



Jenny Taylor, Research Manager

Phone: 502.852.3396

Email Jenny Taylor


 Connie Cox Uzzell, MSSW Academic Advising Coordinator

Phone: 502.852.7162

Email Connie Cox Uzzell


 Tammy Vories, Unit Business Manager Sr.

Phone: 502.852.3934

Email Tammy Vories


a picture of this staff member has not been submittedEmily Watts, Coordinator

Phone:  502.852.2345

Email Emily Watts


 Danielle Whiteside, Research Manager

Phone: 502.852.3089

Email Danielle Whiteside