Chyna Angelini, Program Coordinator Sr., CFCWB

Phone: 502-852-8975

Email Chyna Angelina



  Danette Baker, Coordinator, Couple & Family Therapy Program

Phone: 502.852.0383

Email Danette Baker

Jessica Ballinger, Program Manager, Assistant to Deans Office

Phone: 502.852.0423

Email Jessica Ballinger



Samantha CooperSamantha Beavers, Coordinator, CFCWB

Phone: 502.852.9103

Email Samantha Cooper



 Jennifer Beswick, Coordinator, CFCWB

Phone:  502.852.9571

Email Jennifer Beswick



Joyce Borders, Research Coordinator


Email Joyce Borders

 Andreana Bridges, Program Coordinator Sr., CFCWB


Email Andreana Bridges



Amy BrooksAmy Brooks, Program Coordinator Sr.


Email Amy Brooks



Nacetia BurkeNacetia Burke, Financial Coordinator, Sr.

Phone:  502.852.7418

Email Nacetia Burke


April Clark, Financial Coordinator, Sr.

Phone: 502.852.2407

Email April Clark


Bobby CortesBobby Cortes, Coordinator, BSW Program

Phone:  502.852.8009

Email Bobby Cortes



Elle Rich Elle Rich Cortes, Admissions Coordinator, MSSW Program

Phone:  502.852.6517

Email Elle Rich



 Connie Cox, MSSW Academic Advising Coordinator

Phone: 502.852.7162

Email Connie Cox



picture of Shannette DavisShanette Davis, Coordinator, Practicum Education

Phone:  502.852.7374

Email Shanette Davis



Holly EckertHolly Eckert, Coordinator, Practicum Education

Phone:  502.852.0425

Email Holly Eckert



Le'Keshia ElleryLe'Keshia Ellery, Admissions Coordinator, MSSW Program

Phone:  502.852-8777

Email Le'Keshia Ellery



Debra Evans, Technology Consultant IV

Phone: 502.852.6566

Email Debra Evans



Tiffany FarmerTiffany Farmer, Program Manager, CFT Clinical Director

Phone:  502.852.0888

Email Tiffany Farmer


 Carol Frame, Program Manager

Phone:  502.724.5034

Email Carol Frame



 Jennifer Foreman, MSSW Program Manager

Phone: 502.852.7336

Email Jennifer Foreman



Picture of Chellie Giese from the BSW programMichelle Giese, Coordinator, MSSW Program

Phone: 502.852.3606

Email Michelle Giese



    James Guinn, Program Manager

   Phone: 502.852.7968

   Email James Guinn


picture of Garrett KelmelGarrett Hardy, Program Coordinator SR., CFCWB


Email Garrett Hardy



 Katy Henry, Research Manager

Phone: 502.376.5289

Email Katy Henry

Joe Higdon, Unit Business Manager, Sr.

Phone: 502.852.6406

Email Joe Higdon


picture of Jennifer JenkinsJennifer Jenkins, Director of Communications and Marketing

Phone:  502.852.2430

Email Jennifer Jenkins



Diana Jester, Program Manager

Phone: 502.852.3487

Email Diana Jester

jenny johnsonJenny Heineken Johnson, Coordinator, Practicum Education

Phone:  502.852.3125

Email Jenny Johnson



a picture of this staff member has not been submittedMiranda Kennon, Outreach Coordinator, American Red Cross


Email Miranda Kennon



  melissa kingMelissa King, Program Manager

Phone: 502.852.6725

Email Melissa King




Ab Khorshidian

Ab Khorshidian, Systems Analyst

Phone:  502.852.1981

Email Ab Khorshidian




 Tara Korfhage, Program Manager, CFCWB

Phone:  502.852.9463

Email Tara Korfhage



Cheri Langley, Program Manager

Phone: 502.852.8697

Email Cheri Langley



 Ashley Logsdon, Research Manager, CFCWB

Phone:  502.852.9572

Email Ashley Logsdon



a picture of this staff member has not been submittedMegan Millar, Program Assistant, American Red Cross


Email Megan Millar



Valerie Miller, Admissions Program Manager, MSSW Program

Phone: 502.852.0414

Email Valerie Miller

Tekea MinnisTekea Minnis, Program Coordinator, Sr. , CFCWB

Phone:  502.852.9660

Email Tekea Minnis



Lizzie MintoLizzie Minton, Clinical Consultant, SAFESPACE

Phone: 502.564.6852

Email Lizzie Minton 



Elana Nance, Assistant Dean of Administration

Phone: 502.852.0418

Email Elana Nance



Margret Nance

Margret Nance, Coordinator, Practicum Education

Phone:  502.852.6404

Email Margret Nance


 Anna O'Connell, Coordinator, BSW Program

Phone: 502.852.5872

 Email Anna O'Connell



staffQuintera Quinn, Coordinator

Phone:  502.852.0431

Email Quintera Quinn



Sam RevillSam Revill, Coordinator, CFCWB

Phone:  502.852.9661

Email Sam Revill



Kim Rogers, Coordinator, Practicum Education

Phone: 502.852.8039

Email Kim Rogers


Eric Schneider, Research Manager

Phone: 502.852.2431

Email Eric Schneider


shelly schrollShelly Schroll, Financial Coordinator, Sr.

Phone:  502.852.6405

Email Shelly Schroll



  Betty Shiels, Director

Phone: 502.852.8003

Email Betty Shiels


blake skidmore pictureBlake Skidmore, Research Manager

Phone:  502.852.7705

Email Blake Skidmore



image of Tammy SpencerTammy Spencer, Unit Business Manager Sr.

Phone: 502.852.3934

Email Tammy Vories



Image of Sarah SpringerSarah Springer, BSW Program Manager

Phone:  502.852.3935

Email Sarah Springer



Tiyanna StewartTiyanna Stewart, Program Coordinator Sr., CFCWB


Email Tiyanna Stewart



allysse stokes

Allysse Stokes, Coordinator, PhD Program

Phone:  502.852.3931

Email Allysse Stokes


Picture of Leia StuartLeia Stuart, Community Resource Coordinator

Phone:  502.852.8143

Email Leia Stuart



 Cassie Sutton, Outreach Coordinator


Email Cassie Sutton



Jenny Taylor, Research Manager

Phone: 502.681.7137

Email Jenny Taylor


picture of Emily WattsEmily Watts, Coordinator

Phone:  502.852.2345

Email Emily Watts



 Danielle Whiteside, Research Manager

Phone: 502.852.3089

Email Danielle Whiteside



a picture of this staff member has not been submittedSana Yousufi, Coordinator

Phone:  502.852.6922

Email Sana Yousufi