New Tool to Help Students Ace Interviews



By Stuart Esrock, Ph.D.

UofL students now have access to a tool to improve interview skills. The University Career Center (UCC) is providing access to Big Interview, an easy-to-use online interviewing platform that combines training and practice to help improve skills and build confidence.  

Big Interview can answer all the questions students have about interviews. Students can complete the online curriculum and then record practice interviews through the site. Practice interviews are offered in a variety of interview types, industries, and difficulty levels. Students can then share the video recordings of their mock interviews with others to get feedback. 

Big Interview provides more than just information about interviews, however. There are also sections about effective negotiation, resume writing, and a guide to success in the first 90 days in a new role/position. 

UCC internship coordinator Maddie McNabb is excited about the potential of Big Interview to improve students’ interviewing skills.  “We believe students who take advantage of it will find it an invaluable tool in their next internship or job search. We also look forward to partnering with faculty and other campus entities to get students to participate in mock interviews through the Big Interview platform.”

All students with a UofL email address can create an account and start practicing.  Login and additional information is available on the UCC’s Interview Prep web page.